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Climate Restoration Technologies is a private scientific, carbon capture, invention, and technology incubator whose bold vision is to restore a sustainable Earth.  Our multi-disciplinary team’s mission is to create breakthrough technologies that will restore climate, revitalize oceans, relieve drought, and stabilize polar ice while enabling access to sources of clean energy and transportation fuel that can be harvested and scaled for economic benefit.  We believe climate restoration, ocean revitalization, drought relief, polar ice stabilization, and energy development are an achievable blend of purpose and economic benefit. 

CRT press release July 16, 2014.


OMAHA, NEBRASKA, USAAt the Sixth International Conference on Climate Change – Impacts and Responses, June 27-28 in Reykjavik, Iceland, two landmark papers were presented by Climate Restoration Technologies. (CRT). 

The first showed that proposed emission cuts will arrive too late to prevent atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) from reaching 450 ppm by about 2030 – after which global warming may spiral beyond control. 

The second paper revealed an innovative solution involving amplified ocean capture of atmospheric CO2.  In combination with emission cuts, CRT’s capture solution would cap atmospheric CO2 at 425 ppm by 2023 and stabilize it at 280 ppm by 2075.  Oil, gas, coal, and chemical industries could become key enablers of the CRT solution, converting CO2 captured from fossil-fueled power plants and hydrogen fuel production into high-density marine algae in photo-bioreactors.  Seeding that algae across deep oceans, along with optimal nutrient, would stimulate eco-friendly amplified secondary blooms, avoid anoxia, capture massive amounts of additional CO2 at sea, and impart a strongly negative carbon footprint to the fossil-fueled energy and transportation industries.  This represents an unprecedented opportunity for green advocates and fossil-fuel industries to become climate restoration allies.

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